Cycling as a sport has a low barrier of entry, but many self-trained beginners and enthusiasts had doubts on where to start. Most power meters on the market are costly and inconvenient in installing the device. AROFLY tells the story of over 40 years of hard-work and experiences in the global sporting goods industry. Our innovative cycling power meter is tailor made for the general public who wants to receive insights and data on their performance. Unlike traditional mechanical power meters, AROFLY utilize our patented Dynamic Pressure Variation Technology and algorithm to generate the data, for users to correctly monitor their performances and training conditions. Our mission is to promote the sport of cycling and popularized the usage of power meter. Most importantly, we want to showcase the value and expertise of “Made In Taiwan”.
Passion, Attitude and Quality are the core values of Arofly.

Passion– Our previous experience from the first generation gave us a better understanding of customer needs. We want to know where our customers are coming from and what they are thinking. We are confident that we will overcome the challenges from previous experiences and provide a much innovative product for our customers.

Attitude– We deeply value users input, our attitude in taking every suggestions to heart and tried to resolve the issues ASAP shows our commitment to our customers. Every single updates and troubleshoot is with the goal to achieve the acceptable standard by the professional users.

Quality– Starting with “Made In Taiwan”, we are committed to provide the best quality product to our customer and have an exceptional customer services. We will never give up on our mission to promote the sport of cycling to everyone.

We are determined to improve our products to the highest standards. We will continue to put our heart and soul into creating the value for our customers. The AROFLY team appreciates everyone’s feedback, and we have transformed ourselves to make the 2nd generation better. We are hoping more users can support us, and with our products, it can help promote cycling to more people. We are looking to publish more customer testimonials on our 2nd generation “MIT” AROFLY. With your support, we will together reach a new high.