Power is considered the most representative indicator in cycling sports.

Power provides real-time feedback on current athletic performance and intensity.

Cycling races are measured by speed and endurance. In the past, training was primarily based on mileage. Later, heart rate was introduced as a reference, but heart rate can be easily influenced by external factors such as temperature and body conditions, which may not accurately reflect the athlete’s exercise intensity and true physical fitness.

Regardless of any factors, low power indicates low output energy, while high power represents high output energy. Power meters are more precise in real-time for monitoring training intensity. They not only quantify the “intensity” accurately to calculate training volume and plan training programs, but also measure physical fatigue and fitness levels. When combined with cloud and professional training software, they provide more advanced information and can even predict peak physical performance.

Power meters typically use strain gauges, where the metal material naturally deforms with increased pedaling force. This deformation is measured to calculate the output power. Combined with cadence information, real-time power output can be obtained. The position for detecting power is usually located in the drivetrain system, which can detect the position of the force application point. Such measuring devices, used by most cycling power meters in the market, such as Chain ring type, Crank type, Wheel Hub type, and Pedal type, etc. must be attached to the transmission system to detect the position of the force. However, all these measuring devices are not easy to install and generally require additional tools to dismantle for measurement, making them inconvenient. If the convenience of measurement can be improved, there is a chance to popularize power measurement among the public and explore more possibilities.

The new generation i-SERIES integrates the power meter within the bike computer through precision mechanical design and Sensor Fusion technology. This allows users to install it quickly, without the need for tools, and it is compatible with various bike types.

The New Generation, i-SERIES POWER METER, is a perfect partner for power training, with simple and quick installation

Feature 1The power meter is integrated within the bike Computer, displaying real-time cycling data.

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Altitude
  • L&R Pedal Ratio
  • Gradient
  • Calories

Feature 2 Simple and quick installation using no tools, compatible with most bikes.

  • By installing the bike computer, cadence sensor, and inputting the necessary rider’s weight, you may enjoy the basic power training during outdoor rides.

Advantages of power training:

  • Advantage 1

    Setting goals instead of blindly practicing. Training based on one’s own athletic ability.

  • Advantage 2

    Comparing the clear numerical values to identify the gaps between current, past, and future goals.

Power is a direct intensity indicator in cycling training, accurately reflecting the force output of the rider. It is particularly important for monitoring exercise intensity. With power data, it becomes possible to compare performance at different times and plan subsequent training programs accordingly.

Making power meters more accessible

Realizing the dream of every cyclist to have power training. Continuously challenging and evolving!

Formal training always incorporates power meters as the primary data source. In the past, power meters were limited to professional and elite riders mainly due to expensive prices. As a result, most cycling enthusiasts who are passionate about riding rarely had the opportunity to use a power meter that cost thousands of dollars.

Until today, thanks to the valuable feedback from consumers, we have been able to continuously improve our products. The New Generation i-SERIES also provides software and firmware updates, aiming to make power training more affordable and accessible for everyone. Our goal is to fulfill the vision of power training for all individuals.

Today, i-SERIES combines GPS bike computer technology with patented algorithmic techniques. It utilizes the data collected by the bike computer, such as kinetic energy, potential energy, and wind resistance, to calculate the work done and power generated by the cyclist. This allows users to have additional reference indicators during self-training, providing them with more valuable insights.

i-SERIES, Algorithm Evolution

Real-world cycling conditions are not always stable. Different road conditions and variations in rider weight can affect the accuracy of power values. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously update data and models, collect new data and actual measurements under different riding conditions, and calibrate the power output model to ensure the stability of the values. The new generation i-SERIES power algorithm can meet the needs of cyclists in terms of training and cloud recording. Through continuous updates of software and firmware, we aim to provide a better experience for all cyclists.

Core Technology of Power Calculation

The new generation i-SERIES POWER METER incorporates precise pressure modules in the front and rear of the device. The front-end module collects horizontal variations of air pressure to measure the current headwind or tailwind conditions and calculates the wind resistance. The rear pressure module collects vertical variations of air pressure to measure the current uphill or downhill elevation and calculates the potential energy.
(Patent No. I754791)

Our patented algorithm not only incorporates precision-designed mechanisms and high-end sensors, but also integrates parameters such as cadence, speed, uphill/downhill gradients, headwind/tailwind, etc., during the ride. By analyzing the models from extensive cycling data, we calculate the real-time power, output during the ride.
(New Patent No. M625322)

Comparison with other power meters


2、Garmin Vector3:

3、PowerTap G3:


Power data presentation after uploading to the cloud – WEB

Power data presentation after uploading to the cloud – APP

i-ELITE Product Overview

  • It provides real-time display of power, cadence, L/R pedal ratio, and other data during the ride.
  • The riding data and GPS route records can be uploaded to websites or applications that offer visual cycling data analysis.
  • It features functional threshold power testing (FTP TEST) and customizable training schedule functions.

The installation of i-ELITE

The specifications of i-ELITE:

  • The i-LINK power meter can be connected to “other brand” bike computers with ANT+ and Bluetooth transmission.
  • It provides real-time display of power, cadence, L/R pedal ratio, and other data during the ride.
  • The riding data can be synchronized to websites or applications that offer visual cycling data analysis and GPS route recording.

The installation of i-LINK

The specifications of i-LINK:

i-Series Product Overview

Usage precautions:

1. Due to algorithm requirements, power data is only available for outdoor rides and can only be used with TBS cadence sensors. It cannot be used with other brand cadence sensors.

2. APP is compatible with most iOS and Android systems for smart phones, but
does not guarantee to work with other operating systems due to the diversity.

3. Because of the system diversity, we cannot guarantee compatibility with
certain heart-rate monitors.

4. For best performance on your device, please ensure to keep the firmware updated.

User Testimonial

Lee Wei-Cheng

Taiwanese-manufactured an affordable bike computer all-in-one power meter has been in use for quite some time now, and I highly recommend it for beginners, high school students, and casual sports enthusiasts. Firstly, it has a heart rate monitoring feature, allowing you to observe your heart rate and understand your exercise intensity better. Secondly, the power data it provides is essential in big data. Having real-time power feedback helps prevent excessive intensity during workouts and ensures more effective training. The most important aspect is that this watch is very reasonably priced, encouraging everyone to give it a try.

Huang Yu-Ling

I have been riding bicycles for almost 40 years, and since my younger days, I have always paid close attention to training data. Having a power meter has always been something I desired. However, I own multiple bikes, and regular power meters are not only expensive but also challenging to install and calibrate, causing a lot of hassle. Now, with the latest generation of i-ELITE power meter, I have access to more accurate power data, which has been immensely helpful for my training sessions along the North Coast. Not only is it affordable, but it is also easy to install, just like a regular bike computer. Setting it up is simple as well—just input the correct personal information such as weight, age, and bike size, and you’ll easily obtain accurate information. Although I rarely participate in races nowadays, my passion for cycling remains strong. The New Generation, i-SERIES helps me allocate my physical efforts more appropriately when riding outdoors.

Zhang Si-Ming

i-SERIES is an innovative bike power meter product that has challenged my traditional perception of power meters. Its convenience and affordable price are its greatest advantages. Although it requires entering weight parameters beforehand due to its different measurement method, overall, its usability is on par with more commonly seen power meter brands in the market. i-SERIES is a highly cost-effective choice.

Chen Shiang-chi

I have been using i-SERIES since the first generation, and now with the i-LINK that is compatible with high-end bike computers, it has become even more convenient. It accompanies me in major triathlon competitions and regular training sessions, eliminating the hassle of purchasing additional hardware. In terms of cost-performance ratio, it is quite good.

Thank you for the support and feedback from our fellow cyclists.


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